Doom 666: The Gluehweinmassacre

choose your weapon: evil gluehwein

 Unanimated »Oceans Of Time« (»Ancient God Of Evil«, 1995)


  1. haha! funny joke.
    I've never tried gluehwein, the idea of warm wine does not sound good to my stomach. But the music is great!

    1. Glühwein is good, when it´s cold outside. Tastes good and makes you warm. Alhocohl doesn´t matter at -10°C! ;o)

      Good to hear that you like the song. Unanimated is in my opinion the most underrated Swedish Death Metal Band! »Ancient God Of Evil« is one of the best albums of all times to me!!


Vielen Dank für´s Gespräch! ;o)